Oy vey, Mikeyway! (rawkenr0ll) wrote,
Oy vey, Mikeyway!

PSL sticky post!

one: gabe saporta/miley cyrus, friendship. gabe is a better big brother to miley than her actual big brother and she calls him all the time to talk about life and he teaches her how to party and is her shoulder to cry on and stuff. miley's dramatic life as seen through her relationship with gabe saporta. alternatively, age gabe down a big (a lot) and make them a couple.

two: bandom people as teen disney stars! we could do a number of connecting lines on this theme, or pick two characters and stick with them. this could include actual disney stars or not. pete hides his self-destructive habits from the media! the tabloids cover every moment william charming demi out of her creepy relationship with trace and into his gentlemanly and scholarly arms! gabe tries not to sound bitter in interviews with j-14 and gets mad about censorship! no-one can publicly be gay but that doesn't stop them from doing anything! everyone is sixteen!

three: please, for the love of god, i need a travis or a gabe to play opposite my transgirl!brenna urie. brenna doesn't trust anyone because she's sick of being used as a sexual novelty by people who want her for her body and not herself! gabe/travis has to charm and woo his way into her heart! brenna spazzes out a lot!
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